When I go to a casino
I usually just get really
really drunk, not gamble.

I’ll play the outside
at roulette. Then I
am really really drunk

so I throw a $15 hand
of blackjack away and
immediately know better.

I’m a more conservative
player when it comes to
another type of gambling;

putting yourself out there.
I talk about this with Krispix.
Sometimes I put my foot

in my mouth & say things like
“I only gamble with my life &
my reputation” to females.

It worked once for me, at
a wedding. I came off like
cool-breeze. Usually it doesn’t.

Still, I tell Krispix, we
didn’t always know how
to tie our shoes. Lesson,

practice, and ritual. These
plants all sprinkled with the
water of time permit skill.

And all this begins with
the taking of risks.
“Not shooting dope

with carnies” risk. But
putting yourself out there,
taking a detour, getting lost.

The best way to get the lay
of the land is to get lost
and wander till you come back.