death throe of seasons.
Spring the birth,
Summer prime,
Winter destined demise.

cycle end begins come Fall,
so Autumnal resolution for mine:

to burden friends,
scourge myself
awaiting their reply,
shackle necks,
the lot of us,
while the leaf flurries die.

to inspire Joy,
and work each day,
and exist and re-sculpt and revise,
the only comfort besides the balm
of the Autumn breeze outside.

To The Lady of Flies on the Event Horizon:

“Let starless dark night skies strafe
your glowing chambered eyes.
As stirring maelstrom cosmos
those sable pearls will shine.

Grant ebon glaring eyes, grace
confined so dark and wise,
leer captured incandescence;
this universe now dies.”

Her ornamental gaze secretes,
fills blackened oceans as it weeps,
and frozen so, a heart retreats
too cold, too black to nourish flies.

Just Questions Today

no answers.
just more and more little moments in the day
where you ask yourself, “What for?”

just another day where you can have a  little pity party,
and you can be a little bitch about it.

but no one calls it that
and no one says that,
because no one is there.

one more day where you get up
from one nightmare…
(and wish you could say “…to another.”
without sounding so fucking played out)

so you take a happy pill,
your blood sugar is low
so you eat and think that
may level you off some.

all you can do
is scuttle behind
the ants in front of you.
and sigh; you
aren’t one of those poor fucks,
hopeless; at the end of the line.


Ruby Redbird

Behold a Ruby Redbird
by the diving board.
Clean upfront;
a stiff tart
the perfect thing
to taste on a dewy
summer Sunday.
Taken in a morning dip.
Sharing with you a half wet
Marlboro Lite. Not your brand.
Stale, moist, sour
and more a place marker
for one of yours
than a really friendly smoke.