Timid & I know this, because she disappears
during conversations.
I’m sure she’s got a make on me too.
Both of us are talking about a lot of things to one another…

So the metaphor is, the metaphor we discussed
the last time we talked:

A bow hunter does not always approach.
Feeling out deer they –sit quietly in the blind,

— mask their scent,
–they are still; every sound in the woods.

It’s learning that that’s the trophy in metaphor.
You gain a little spirit.
Some one that helps you & that makes you proud of them.
Then you are proud of yourself, and
then it’s gone.

Orientation is difficult, and not free, when you meet someone.
So, it is important to nurture connections.
In oceanic wilderness, they are parts of the island chain.

Human connections are real to who ever is smart enough
to admit to them, own them, or understand them.

That is a different comparison.

And that is simple:
the people we meet, even for a short time.
Those we connect with, bond with, and bind to.
They leave but they never go.
They are like reading a story.

All this gives us courage.
All this gives us courage.