massive gas giant.
coreless & dense;
Dominus of moons.
proprietor of storm eye;
bleeding anticyclone
sensory organ.


god concubines:

Io, Europa, Callisto,
main bodies
among many.

orbiting forever,
tethered in the vacuum.
sunk; the anchor of gravity.

Io, asunder.
tidal friction
forever surface-changing
primordial allotropes of sulfur;
yellow, red, black, and green.

ice daughter of Tethys.
a frigid life conjecture;
a Galilean foster child.

Callisto is eons
but for impact scars.
damage most evident
through millennial neglect.
void of tidal heat;
non-orbital resonance.

beautiful Ganymede:
craythur bearer
of Jupiter‘s brood,
hider of water ice,
jewel of Jovian System.
well-fed celestial body
in our scattered space.


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