Approaching Her Blind

She is eyeless.
Thickets of downy
corby-jet crown her.
Purple bull’s-eyes
curtain her eyeless voids.

Empyrean wells
of violet-black
abyssal noise,
leave hollow sounds,
winds howling in the tunnels,
of her soulless soundless joys.

Behind them through her
shadowed attic
marched forgotten toys,
Abused and broken,
un-cared for by naughty
girls & boys.


T♠ the Lady ♥f Flies


I say to the lady of flies,

“Let freezing black night skies strafe
your glowing chambered eyes;
stirring maelstrom-universes,
your blameless silvers shine.
They melt a stricken heart,
There it lies…

Fracture black oblivion to stars a pinhole size,
make them stare at you forever,
until their flicker dies.
Disenchant celestial bodies as they set and rise,
pulverize them all to star dust with those soundless cries.”

Frosted jet black eyes peer as chambered incandescences.
Painted, tourbillion universes;
Silver pearls whose innocence tears as she weeps,
Freezing hearts,
their blood retreats.